November 2017 Meeting - Introduction to Game Programming in Python with Pyglet


I am going to start doing a series of talks around Python game programming that will include the Pyglet library, PyOpenGL and possibly other libraries. Right now I am envisioning the following topics:

  • Intro to Pyglet - The basics
  • 2D game in Python
  • 3D game in Python

Keep your eyes on this space for information on setting up your environment in advance and things like that.


This sounds interesting, I only wish that I had more free time during the week to attend these.


I’ll be posting my presentations online and trying to make it to the Saturday morning open hack meetings. Maybe we can catch up then.


I’ve set up the conda environment that I’ll be using for my presentation. You can follow the instructions here:

So far I only have a macOS environment.


There is an updated release of pyglet so I had to create v2 environment. I’ve updated the link above.