Python Beginner Materials and FAQ


There are lots of free and paid materials on the web to help you learn Python. Lets gather some links here:



Should I use Python 2 or Python 3?

Unless you have a specific reason to not use Python 3, you should start there. This applies to most people new to the language or to programming in general. The official word from is:
“Short version: Python 2.x is legacy, Python 3.x is the present and future of the language”.

How do I install Python on Windows?

The quickest way to get a fully functional Python running on Windows is to install a Python “distribution” like

These distributions include other bundled third party software that make getting started much quicker. Both Anaconda and Canopy are also available for macOS and Linux.

You can download the official package from but using it for data science or other analytical needs will typically require quite a bit more work on your part.


This right here is the beginning of the end for python 2:

… assuming it wasn’t something else 2 years ago.


Python Software Foundation:
documentation for 3.x & 2.x and much more!

Python Package Index
index of 121,500+ packages

Past DesertPy Presentations:

DesertPy github repo


Python Weekly


Talk Python


Python Testing



index of videos from PyCon US, DjangoCon US, PyData, SciPy and more!

Training by Dan Bader
videos & tutorials

Books Online:

Invent with Python
multiple books

Python for Everybody
videos, slides and sample code for 3.x & 2.x

Python3 Module of the Week
demonstrate how to use the modules of the standard library

Python Cookbook
recipes for mastering Python3

Alt. Python Distributions:

everything python in the cloud

distribution package




documentation, tutorial and more!
online book Tango with Django

Data Science:

Python Data Science Handbook


Python Programming Cookbook recipes for Python3 development