Thoughts on IDEs


Recently I switched over to PyCharm for my IDE to develop python scripts. I mostly use python to either run geoprocessing scripts in ArcGIS or clean and gather data from various excel spreadsheets. I started working through a SQL/ Python tutorial and the notes recommended Visual Studio Community (Microsoft sponsored post so that figures). I am just curious what other in the community use on regular basis. Thank you!


PyCharm is a great choice and used by many.

I tend to prefer a faster stand alone editor rather than a full IDE so I’ve typically used SublimeText 3 plus plugins or Atom plus plugins. I’ve been using Atom almost exclusively for a couple years now. They have recently released a full blown IDE version that I have yet to try:

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As Austin mentioned, PyCharm is the de-facto standard IDE for Python these days it seems. I enjoy it, but I mostly work in text editors myself too; I mainly use Sublime Text 3, but I’ve also taken a liking to Visual Studio Code (not Visual Studio) recently and I’m slowly migrating that way. Atom is also popular, especially among the web-dev community, but among others as well.