What are you working on?


I came out to DesertPy for the first time last-last Saturday. I saw everyone working on their own projects. Would anyone like to talk about or share a little about what you are working on in Python?


Hi tac-tics,

Good question, lets expand this a bit …

  • Feel free to share personal projects in as much detail as you want.
  • If you have anything in PyPi, nice job! Let us know!

So answering those questions for myself (I wasn’t there Saturday):

  • I helped start a couple Planetary Science related projects like planetaryimage

Other than that I look at my github repo and realize everything else is just a readme and a dream.

I do want to finish my static website generator inspired exam question bank called banky.

I know there are other people in the group who have some public projects. Perhaps they will give a shout out at some point.



Hello tac-tics! I have many “readme and a dream” projects, but I do have one QGIS plugin that is a public project: circle-craters. It needs some updates/upgrades.


Lately ive been working on getting myself familiar with AWS’s ecosystem, in particular their Lambda service. Currently working on a a custom CRM with VueJs upfront and Lambda, S3, and dynamo outback, using API gateway to tie it all together. Also, using Amazon’s Chalice “framework” (not sure what to call it) to build the API.

There’s no particular reason for this project, other than to better my skills and understanding. I love that AWS now supports Python 3.

TacTics, I was at that Meetup at GoDaddy last month and was completely engrossed in getting my AWS credentials setup for the project I just mentioned the whole time, sorry I didn’t interact much. I’ll try to be more social the next go around


My :cat2: woke me up at 1:30 am last night and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and threw together a banky related proof of concept for my wife … converting from YAML to OLX …

Pretty happy how it turned out, it’ll need to be generalized and extended a bit though.